Ray no longer works for Catholic Charities of Monroe County/Head Start as a Bus Driver. He had been with Head Start since Caitlyn was in the program in 2004. They were not able to hold his position beyond February 2009.

Ray serves in several ministries at church, A/V, (that's audio/visual for you less tech savvy readers), where he uses his gift of creativity and knowledge of computers to build the visual aspect of the Worship Service. He also serves in the Men's Ministry by using his talent for cooking and sharing his desire to see the men of the church grow into the men God wants them to be.

Ray has diverse interests and enjoys pursuing each of them when he has the opportunity. Those interests include but are not limited to;

  • Reading - Fantasy and Sci-Fi
  • Music - Listening not playing
  • Computers - Web Design, Games, E-mail (just to name a few)
  • Football - Watching, not so much the playing anymore
  • Outdoor Activities - Walking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing
  • Photography - All kinds
  • Cooking - Indoors and out on the grill

There are many more!

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